Voltage safety probe

Red, with high power fuse (Art.No. 40-2010)
Black (Art.No. 40-2020)

Crocodile clip

Red (Art.No. 40-2030)
Black (Art.No. 40-2040)

Vampire clip

Red (Art.No. 40-2031)
Black (Art.No. 40-2041)

Adapter to banana plug

Red (Art.No. 40-2050)
Black (Art.No. 40-2055)

Marking strips

In different colours, for marking the transducers (Art.No. 40-2060)

Velcro strap

20 cm (Art.No. 40-2060)

Ground connection cable

Incl. crocodile clip (Art.No. 40-3010)

Unipower instrument case

Soft (Art.No. 40-3061)

Special instrument case

For Unilyzer / DIP 8000 / Unipower 3010 (Art.No. 40-3060)

Fuse cap easyprobe 25 A

EasyProbe fuse cap for 25 A (Art.No. 40-2110)

Fuse cap easyprobe 63 A

EasyProbe fuse cap for 63 A (Art.No. 40-2120)

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