Visionary Cooperation in Sweden

In the southern part of Sweden six grid companies join together in a cooperation to survey power quality within a region. Most probably, this cooperation is new and unique in the industry.

All measuring data for all six companies will be stored on a common server. This is to achieve cost efficiency as well as other synergy effects. Comparison of measuring data with the other five companies is one of many advantages for each company. In the first phase the surveillance will cover 50 positions. This means that all six companies will have a good view of the regional network and possible differences in power quality from the supplying grid.

Being able to compare and analyze will also simplify the dialogue with customers. The initiators to this cooperation are Jonny Blomqvist, Managing Director at Skara Energi and Johan Lundqvist, Managing Director at Götene Elförening, who will also be responsible for hosting the system. The other companies are Tidaholms Energi, Mariestad-Töreboda Energi, Skövde Elnät and Lidköpings Elnät.








Jonny Blomqvist, Managing Director at Skara Energi (tor the right in the picture):

We anticipate increased demand on traceability of power quality in the future, in parallel with more disturbance sources in our networks. Therefore, it is vital to be able to verify power quality. We are a group of smaller grid companies that believes in cooperation in certain affairs. Cooperation leads to a higher level of competence, better finances and more stable production, so this cooperation comes natural to us.€

Johan Lundqvist, Managing Director at Götene Elförening (to the left in the picture):

To run a more efficient network operation and at the same time meet increased demand on more stable networks from the customers, we, as network owners must be able to survey disturbances and stoppages in a more efficient way.

Since disturbances are generated from our customers€™ machinery as well as from the supplying grid, a permanently installed surveillance system enables the tracing of disturbances and makes it feasible to take actions to prevent these. Cooperation on these matters with a joint system is natural for us at Götene Elförening, since the power quality and disturbance problems are the same for any grid owner so we can only see advantages in this. Power quality questions are increasingly in demand depending on for instance the expansion of windmill parks, and also due to an increase in weather related disturbances.