Vattenfall Eldistribution AB expands power quality measurement in the north of Sweden

We expand our power quality measurement in the regional network of northern Sweden. The expansion is based on our need to measure power quality parameters, as they supply valuable information for our continuous dialogue with our customers. This is a good tool for disturbance analysis and enables us to view trends in the power network. The information also works as input to the investment and maintenance process€, says Thomas Corell, Manager, Power Quality-Analysis, Vattenfall Eldistribution AB.

Vattenfall has signed a frame agreement with Unipower AB to secure the expansion of Vattenfall€™s disturbance and power quality surveillance in Sweden. According to the agreement, Unipower will deliver measurement units for permanent installation. The frame agreement is based on an evaluation phase where permanent installations have been measuring in a number of Swedish cities during several years. The scalability in Unipower€™s disturbance management system allows for all data from all measurement units to be gathered in a single database. The agreement is in force from March 15, 2007.

Vattenfall€™s vision is to be a leading European energy company. This means that Vattenfall should be the number one choice for the customer, for the environment and for the economy of the societies where we operate. Vattenfall should actively contribute to a sustainable development by supplying energy solutions for the future.

David Holmberg at Vattenfall says: We are expanding our power quality management because of the value we see in it with regards to our customer relations as well as for our own benefit when it comes to e.g. trend surveillance and disturbance analysis.€

The frame agreement confirms that our twenty year investment in world class power quality knowledge has been correct. We are happy and proud to be able to, as a partner to Vattenfall, participate in the expansion of an infrastructure solution for power quality€, says Peter Andersson, Managing Director, Unipower AB.

Vattenfall Eldistribution AB, Roger Lindmark, Information responsible
Unipower AB, Mats Rutgersson, Sales Manager, Sweden