Swedish user meeting in Simrishamn

We want to extend special thanks to all participants for their dedication and interesting discussions.

Day 1

During day 1, news in PQ Secure and the new UP2210-1A for measurement on low voltage were presented.

The day ended with dinner at the hotel where the participants got the chance to talk to new colleagues in the industry in a relaxed atmosphere. As the weather showed itself from its best side, most of the participants chose to take a late evening stroll to end the day.

Day 2

Beginning of day 2, participants were divided into groups. They discussed visions for the future and how they thought the industry would look like in 30 years. There were many lively discussions, and numerous interesting ideas were presented. Everyone seemed to agree, however, that the major challenge would be at the low voltage level combined with more small-scale producers and fewer major energy sources.

Later in the day Johan Adolfsson from Unipower showed how to use our unique little instrument Unilyzer 900 with communication and database dump.

The day ended with the Tips & Tricks in PQ Secure and interesting examples from various practical applications.


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