Unipower’s equipment chosen for state-of-the-art receiver station

The world’s largest air-insulated URBAN 130 kV receiver station uses Unipower’s system PQ Secure for its power quality monitoring.

In an industry, a small disturbance in the network can cause significant losses. A voltage dip with a duration of just 100-200 ms can lead to a 10-20 hr stop in production and create losses of millions of euros. Electricity is a critical raw material for most companies and its quality can impact the profitability.

In the municipality Mölndal, just to the south of Sweden’s second biggest city Göteborg, a great number of industrial companies can be found. Electronics, pharmaceuticals, biotech and paper are some of the industries represented in this area. Many of these companies are world leaders in their indutry and conduct advanced research.

In order to assure the power quality for these sensitive customers, the local utility Mölndals Energi Nät, decided to implement Unipower’s power quality monitoring system, PQ Secure in their brand new state-of-the-art 130 kV / 40 MVA receiver station, which was inaugurated in November.

The total investment for the new station and connections was approx. 10 million euros. The project was administered by ABB Power Technologies.

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