Unipower wins a million-worth contract to the Finnish system operator Fingrid Oyj

Unipower vinner en mångmiljonupphandling i Finland

Unipower AB have signed a frame contract with Fingrid, for delivery and support of a power quality system, which fully utilised reaches year 2025. The contract, which was signed in the beginning of 2019, includes delivery of a large number of power quality meters, the management system PQ Secure as well as maintenance and support.

“We have worked very focused on this tender for almost a year and when we, just before last Christmas, received the announcement that we had reached maximum score for quality and functionality and by that secured the frame contract we couldn’t have anything better for Christmas,” says Johan Brodén, Sales Mgr.

Fingrid is the system operator in Finland with responsibility of the transmission grid, which consists of more than 14 000 kilometres of power lines, 110, 220 and 400 kilovolts. The PQ Secure system from Unipower will continuously monitor the power quality all over Finland and make the information easily foreseeable and assessable to Fingrid. Beside the real time monitoring, statistical evaluation and reporting Fingrid will also utilise the alarm functionality, which will give the user a notification if any event is detected.

“That Unipower now signed another agreement with a Transmission System Operator is very positive and I do look forward to start transfer our know-how in power quality to Fingrid. It has been a fierce competition and the fact that we won proves that the functionality, human interface and data efficiency we provide is unique and valued by the user,” says Peter Andersson, CEO.

Photo: Fr. left Unipower: Johan Adolfsson, Tech. Mgr., Johan Brodén, Sales Mgr., Fingrid: Jussi Jyrinsalo, Senior Vice President, Marina Louhija, General Counsel