Unipower AB was distinguished guest at All India Forum, Harmonica 09€







Late November 2009, Johan Adolfsson, Director Unipower AB, participated in the Seminar Harmonica 09€, a national forum in India focused on regulations and measurement issues.

Johan Adolfsson was presenting a paper concerning the experience of measuring harmonics in the PQ Secure Harmonic Information Management System. Together with Unipower€™s representative in India, PCI Ltd, there were many interested utilities that wanted more and deeper information for PCI/Unipower to handle. The seminar was organised by the Institution of Engineers. Speaking during the seminar was also Dr Pramod Deo of the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission and Supreme Court Justice V S Sirpurkar.

PCI Ltd, Unipower€™s representative in India, had a busy time answering and discussing measurement issues in every corner of the forum.
The press of India followed the seminar and presented the issues nationwide.

Mr Nilesh Chintalwar, Asst. GM Marketing, PCI Ltd, Mumbai took the opportunity to book business meetings with the most eager companies who did understand the usefulness of the PQ Secure Harmonic Information Management System from Unipower.

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