The TATA Power Company invited Unipower to Power Quality Conference 2018

In January this year the TATA Power Company, Mumbai invited Unipower to participate in a panel discussion addressing power quality related concerns. Unipower was represented by Johan Adolfsson, Technical Manager, having more then 30 years of experience in the power quality field.

Several key consumers were invited to the conference and given the opportunity to express their concerns for their business or production connected to poor power quality.

“The day was very fruitful as we had all concerned parties in the same room,” says Johan Adolfsson, and continues: “Not only supplier and consumer but also solution providers like ABB. We had MSETCL represented addressing transmission and grid code and ourselves who year by year check and control the actual power quality and the development of the same. I believe everyone was very satisfied with the day as we together in the panel could address the various questions raised by the industry, and I would like to thank TATA Power for the invitation and a well organised day.”

Unipower AB have today 60 permanent PQ meters, advanced UP-2210, installed in Mumbai for TATA Power distribution since 2013. The 24/7 data collected is being analysed and evaluated in PQ Secure by the TATA PQ team.

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