Stability in worrying times

Dear customers, friends and partners. In these times with Covid-19 I feel it appropriate to give you all a status report on the situation at Unipower.

Production wise we assumed already in January that we could get a shortage in supplies if not acting proactively. In response we decided to double our safety stock, not to face shortages later in the year if disturbances in the supply chain would occur. Our stock is filling up so I am pleased to inform that material wise our supply capability is very good.

As regards production we run, at the time being, as normal. Q1 2020 was in comparison with Q1 2019 about the same – you are doing a very good job securing energy supply to industries, hospitals and homes these times. We are pleased to serve you.

Personnel wise none of the Unipower team has been affected by the Covid-19 yet. All employees are either in the office or working from home. We are prepared however that we might get our share of it so even if lead time at the moment is as normal you could expect some temporary delays later in the year. Despite from what is shown in some news about Sweden the virus is spreading rather slow over the country and situation in our capital Stockholm is different from here at the west coast of Sweden.

We are just as you grounded and cannot travel as before. But we have invested in enhanced video conference capabilities and can perform trainings, seminars and conference calls remotely. Please get in touch!

Please take care and stay safe!

Warm Regards,

Peter S Andersson
Managing Director

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