“Spenning på Kiel-fergen”








Unipower recently participated in the conference “Spenning på Kiel-fergen” organised by EBL in Norway.

During the conference, the issue of the new demands of the Norwegian FoL, Forskrift om Leveringskvalitet, and how the Norwegian utilities are to handle these demands was discussed. A large number of utilities participated as well as various authorities, EBL and SINTEF.

The utility Hafslund made a very interesting presentation about how they use Unipower’s system for monitoring and solving problems in their network and for reporting their Power Quality in accordance with FoL.

Unipower demonstrated its permanent and portable solutions for measuring Power Quality and also showed the tailor-made adaptations for “spenningssprang” (Rapid Voltage Changes) and FoL.

The conference also included practical tests of, among other things, spenningssprang, which Unipower passed with flying colours!