Sdiptech becomes new partner

We welcome Sdiptech as new owner. Sdiptech AB is a technology group with a focus on urban infrastructure. The Group offers deep niche services and products in areas such as Power Automation, Uninterrupted power supply, water and heat meters, to name a few. Sdiptech is a public company and listed on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm.

Peter Andersson, CEO Unipower AB, comments: “With Sdiptech as partner, we gain access to a corporate structure that will help us grow both in Sweden and internationally. There are also strong synergies with other companies in the group to the benefit for our customers. We gain access to a new network, which in turn facilitates growth. A listed partner also adds stability for our customers. Customers are investing in products with a service life of 10-20 years, then it is also extremely important to know that we, as supplier, will also be there in the future to provide service and support for the product. We do already have the highest credit rating AAA, and with Nasdaq listed partner this gives an even greater stability and security for our customers.”

Jacob Holm, CEO Sdiptech, comments, “Our philosophy is that all business decisions are made by company management and in the daily work there is no difference to customers after we come in as a partner. At the same time, we can contribute to the cooperation opportunities between the companies in order to offer our customers even better solutions. Our horizon is without end, which means that we intend to maintain and develop companies forever. This sustainability is important to us and all our customers. With Unipower we strengthen ourselves in the field of electricity and energy supply which is an essential part of the critical urban infrastructure. With Unipower solutions for ‘smart grids’ and ‘big data’, we can provide our customers with mission-critical functions for continuous monitoring of energy supply.”

For further information, please contact:
Peter Andersson, CEO Unipower AB, +46 322 670381,