PQ Secure – Securing Banking Operations











Banks today cannot afford any disturbance in their daily operations.
With thousands of critical transactions carried out every day the reliability of the IT-infrastructure is vital.
Therefore, guarding the power supply with PQ Secure is a necessity.

Geoff Manthey, responsible for the Unipower product line at EDT in Australia, has helped many banking customers to secure their operations by installing Unipower€™s PQ Secure and UP-2210s.

One such recent installation is Westpac headquarters in Sydney with 4 pcs UP-2210 guarding their supply.

Other Australian banks such as Commonwealth Bank of Australia also benefit from securing their operations using PQ Secure. If a problem occurs the UP-2210 has saved all the information for later analysis in much the same way as the black box in all airplanes do.

However the advantage with the UP-2210 is that it can alert the operator ahead of time, preventing some types of failure to occur.