Power Quality Training – September 10 -14, 2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden

The Workshop will take place between 10th and 14th of September, 2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The course is suitable for all participants with basic power quality knowledge and experience.

Reserve your spot by email to russom.kebedom@unipower.se

Learning objectives

At the end of the training program, course participants shall be able to:

  • Comprehend the basic components and operations of a power network and define power quality
  • Relate power quality with its importance, consequences and costs
  • Identify power quality disturbances
  • Identify power quality monitoring tools
  • Apply knowledge gained to identify mitigation measures for power quality problems
  • Apply recommended guidelines in allotment of power quality recorder on a power system network
  • Analyze the effect if distributed generation on power quality
  • Apply in-depth knowledge, skills and values so developed during the planned course to demanding situations in their line of duty

Course outline

  1. Power systems overview
  2. Power quality and its importance
  3. Power quality disturbances
  4. Power quality consequences and costs
  5. Power quality mitigation measures
  6. Power quality monitoring
    1. Power quality recorder
    2. Guidelines for power quality recorder allotment
  7. Power quality and distributed generation
  8. Configuration and set up of power quality analyzers
  9. Case studies
  10. Visiting one of our Swedish customers

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