Philip Kotler’s advice to Unipower

Development, not stagnation. This has been the Unipower motto for almost 30 years during which we have driven the development in the field of Power Quality in Sweden and the rest of the world. This would not have been possible without our customers. We dare say that our customers are significantly more demanding than those of our competitors. However, this also means that we must constantly focus on development, quality control, training and support. We recruit and hire new staff continuously – for example, we now have twice as many developers compared with 5 years ago. While we are constantly trying to innovate, we have also always tried to be a stable and reliable supplier, who never promises too much and never suggests more meters than needed. In short, our goal has always been to work together with our customers for a joint long-term success.

When our customers have made major investments in facilities, equipment and networks, it is not enough to have a system that just shows whether something has happened or that just proves that nothing has happened. Many of our customers are leading transmission companies, distribution companies, process industries, refineries etc. that protect their investments in a process that is under constant development. Such companies need reliable and effective monitoring systems that work proactively. In conjunction with other systems, our power quality meters and our PQ Secure system facilitate planning, actions and monitoring. Development and investment in technology take place at a faster pace than ever before, and more and more countries have become aware of Unipower’s products. Today, our instruments are available in over 60 countries.

On November 21, Philip Kotler visited Sweden and talked about the importance of continuous development and the benefit of having demanding customers. Many thanks to you! Continue to make demands on us. We promise you continued development.