Paper industry – PQ Secure installed at all Holmen’s plants

In short: Unipower has agreed to supply Holmen with systems and competence within the disturbance management area.

After a test period Holmen, the largest paper industry in Sweden, has decided to install PQ Secure measuring equipment at all their Swedish plants. Holmen€™s production machinery is very sensitive to disturbances and the existing equipment for network surveillance is outdated.

– The PQ Secure system offers us a proper tool for analysis. We can perform disturbance analysis and view trends in the network, both externally and internallly. But the information is also input to our investment and maintenance process, says Jan Hållberg, Plant responsible, Holmen Energi AB.

– We measure at all voltage levels from 130 kV to 0,4 kV. We can perform flexible measurements with portable instruments where temporary needs occur. The results from these measurements can be compared to the results from the permanent measurements.

– Through analysis of the measuring results it will be easier to establish the origin of thedisturbance, and thus take necessary countermeasures. The action taken depends on whether the disturbance is internal or external.

Holmen is a forest industry concern producing printing paper, cardboard and timber.

The concern owns large forest- and power resources. Net income during 2006 was 2 mdEuro and the number of employees around 5000. Holmen can produce 2,7 milllion tons of printing paper yearly. With a new machine in Madrid Holmen secures the position as Europe’s fifth largest producer of printing paper with a total capacity of 2 170 000 ton/year. Within cardboard based on fresh fiber, Holmen has a capacity of 565 000 ton/year and is thus number three in Europe. The concern’s five business areas have total operational responsibility. Holmen Paper with production at factories in Braviken, Hallstavik and Wargön. Iggesund Paperboard and Holmen Timber manufacture and sell products. Holmen Skog and Holmen Energi are responsible of assets and acquisition within forest an power. Holmen Skog also sell wood to other forest industries. 80% of the concern’s net turnaround is produced by Holmen Paper and Iggesund Paperboard.

The cooperation with Unipower means that Holmen will use the same system as the net suppliers Vattenfall Eldistribution AB and Fortum Eldistribution AB, which may facilitate comparison of measure data.

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