Key customer benefits – Unipower in a nutshell

Here is a brief summary of the key benefits to our customers. Thanks go to Sdiptech for this overview (see link further down below).

Optimize energy supply

Unipower measure power and energy, and the information is part of being able to optimize the energy supply as well as peak power, which leads to less environmental impact. With lower peak demand, smaller transformers and wires can be used with less material consumption as a result.

Minimize losses

Unipower identify different types of losses such as reactive power, harmonics, unbalance etc. With reduced losses, the negative impact on the environment is reduced. The wear and tear on equipment in the electricity grid also decrease, which leads to a reduced load on the environment.

Reduce disturbances

Unipower identify different types of disturbances, such as voltage dips and transients. These disruptions cause damage to machines and interruptions in production chains. By avoiding and remedying disturbances, large savings can be made for both users and the environment through increased service life for machines, less breakdowns, fewer spare parts, and shorter maintenance and repair stops.

Unipower key customer benefits