Energy efficiency in focus at Górazdze Cement

Górazdze is HeidelbergCement’s largest, most modern cement plant in Europe. Working with constant energy efficiency improvement and increased immunity in all parts of the production is therefore of the utmost importance to the Górażdże Cement team and requires managerial supervision. To improve the Power Quality awareness Górażdże Cement implemented PQ Secure management system and have now 24/7 surveillance at their key feeders.

Górazdze Cement is part of the international HeidelbergCement Group, located in the Polish village of Chorula, near Opole, and has been in operation since 1977. Górazdze Cement is today taking the lead in the field of cement production with investments to reduce the specific energy consumption and to reduce CO2 emissions per ton of cement.

In the past Górazdze Cement have used portable Power Quality analysers from Unipower to conduct temporary measurements on the low voltage side, using PQ Secure to analyse and generate reports from each campaign. So, when the decision was taken to install a permanent power quality monitoring system for the 110kV feeders it was important to also integrate the existing portable analysers into PQ Secure.

By having the PQ Secure system in operation Górazdze Cement now have a much better understanding of the power quality they receive, the emissions they generate, and the production consequences connected to various PQ events.

The PQ system, which also integrates with the existing SCADA system, further provides the engineering department at Górazdze Cement with operational data to support maintenance planning and preventive actions.

For more information please contact Johan Brodén.