E-Totaal writes about PQ and Unipower UP-2210

In the latest edition of E-Totaal, a Dutch technical magazine, attention was given to the UP-2210 from Unipower.

The article reads in English:

Control electricity grid code

The voltage at a connection point of the electricity network must meet a certain quality, the so-called voltage quality. In order to effectively monitor the voltage quality, network operators in the Netherlands carry out measurements in the electricity networks within the Voltage Quality project. Movares, an independent party, analyzes the measurements and prepares an annual report that is published by Netbeheer Nederland. The latest report shows that the voltage quality in the Dutch electricity grids is still of a high level. However, the question is for how long.


For a permanent installation, this is, for example, the UP-2210 of the Unipower brand. This is a Power Quality Analyzer, Class A according to IEC 61000-4-30 Edition 3, and a Digital Fault Recorder (DFR). The instrument is designed for a stationary measurement setup and extremely suitable for long-term power quality monitoring. The UP-2210 can be equipped with communication interfaces such as Ethernet, with which a complete network of power quality analyzers can be set up so that, for example, an entire medium or high voltage network can be monitored. Naturally, standards such as EN50160 and Netcode are taken into account. The UP-2210 uses the PQ Secure software package with which the measurement results are automatically stored in a database. In addition, the results can be processed in clear reports.

The full article is available here:

Achtergrond – Beheersing Netcode elektriciteit – e-Totaal (etotaal.nl)

E-Totaal writes about PQ and Unipower UP-2210

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