25 Unilyzer 902 units to PEA, Thailand




The Unilyzer 902’s will be used in PEA’s “portable” PQ Secure-system.

The Thai power utility PEA (Provincial Electricity Authority) has recently placed an order for 25 Unilyzer 902 units.

The portable Unilyzer 902 units will be used in the different provinces in Thailand, where they will be temporarily installed to monitor the power quality during 1-3 months, after which they will be moved to a new location.

The order also includes Unipower’s PQ Secure Power Quality Management System, where the Unilyzer 902 units will be integrated as portable measure units, and where the measured data will be stored, analysed and evaluated.

This is an example of the versatility and ruggedness of the IP65-classed Unilyzer 902 design, which enables it to be used both as a portable analyser and as a permanently installed unit, and under the most severe ambient conditions.